I had already installed the ebs preinstall package – Oracle Support Doc ID 1080973.1 officially supports upgrades to 12.1.3 but may not document the issue below.

oracle-ebs-server-R12-preinstall-1.0-7.el6.x86_64 and installed EBS successfully – I thought

I got this while running 9239090 patch – which is the major part of the upgrade to 12.1.3

EBS while upgrading to 12.1.3 Relink of module “MSCXGCAL” failed.

What to do… well I saw some references to down grading binutils… didn’t like idea, then I found this little tidbit on Oracle’s support site:

MSC Modules Adrelink Error Relink of module “MSONEW” failed (Doc ID 1345788.1)

It refers to changing a $AD_TOP/bin/adrelinknew.sh as follows – it says for RHEL 5 – but this fixed for RHEL 6 as well

To fix this problem, users are required to replace the following line under the Linux section of file ” $AD_TOP/bin/adrelinknew.sh”:


CPP_LDFLAGS=’ -L$(ORACLE_HOME)/lib -L$(ORACLE_HOME)/lib/stubs -lclntsh’


CPP_LDFLAGS=’ -L$(ORACLE_HOME)/lib -L$(ORACLE_HOME)/lib/stubs -lclntsh -Wl,–noinhibit-exec’

After making this change, run adadmin utility to relink MSC product.

I ran $AD_TOP/bin/adadmin and relinked successfully (option 2 .

Then proceeded past the original adpatch error by just restarting where 9239090 where it left off – this is a big patch and will run for a long time even on a fast system.

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