If you accidentally removed the menu bar on your VM – there is no straight forward way to get it back.  Here is how I did it.

What removed it for me, is I selected View->MenuBar from the Menu Bar – and it turned it off as there was no check box indicating it was on (poor programming by Sun / Oracle) – with no obvious way to turn it back on (more poor programming by Oracle – OK – it’s a free product that otherwise works pretty darn well – so I’ll stop knocking them).

Right Ctrl -> Home

will pull up a popup menu but the option to re-display the Menu Bar was missing – a minor annoyance – but I’m used to seeing it and using it without have to use a short-cut key.

After googling for a while I found out how (below) to permanently remove the MenuBar – and then I guessed at how it might be permanently put back as follows:

c:\virtualbox\VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/Customizations MenuBar,StatusBar

Note: the location of your copy of VBoxManage is likely different.

After stopping and starting the VM… Then by using Right Ctrl->Home to show the same popup menu, the option to “Show the Menu Bar” re-appeared.  Select this option and voila, VM Menu Bar is back… that was way to hard.  Fix it Oracle please – I’m not the only one that has accidentally turned it off – I googled it and lots of poor souls wasted time on this.

Hope this helps, Mike

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