AWS Storage Gateway Setup

Setup – Touch points on two sides, Client side VM Gateway installed / provisioned – AWS Cloud side – On the AWS side the standard AWS Management Console is used to define your Storage Gateway properties.

Gateway types / options are:

File Gateway (NFS) to S3

Volumes Gateway (iSCSI – block based on premise copied as EBS snapshots to S3 – yes weird but that is alright)

  • Stored Volumes (complete set on-premise asyncronously copied to S3)
  • Cached Volumes (subset cache on on-premise – mostly in S3 cloud)

VTL Gateway – emulates tape – copied to S3 – then archived to Glacier (archive storage)

Encryption – per Amazon

All data transferred (in transit) between any type of gateway appliance and AWS storage is encrypted using SSL. By default, all data stored by AWS Storage Gateway in S3 is encrypted server-side with Amazon S3-Managed Encryption Keys (SSE-S3).

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