Ok, this one is annoying.  I’ll use the two terms “trackpad” and “touchpad” as synonyms.

I’ve got a laptop with Windows 10 Pro.  I use it without a mouse – trackpad only much of the time.

It has a nice feature as many laptops do, which is, you can simply “tap” the trackpad instead of “clicking” by going to Settings->Mouse & touchpad->Allow taps on the touchpad (ON).

Problem is when I turn on “allow taps on the touchpad”, then my computer starts opening windows just by hovering over items.

I’m not tapping, it’s just opening them after a very short “hover time” less than a second.

The easiest way to get rid of the problem – is to simply turn off TAP – in Settings -> Devices (Mouse etc.).


The only way I can find to turn off this hideous behavior in Windows 10 is to edit registry.  Run regedt32 goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Control Panel->Mouse and set MouseHoverHeight and Width to 0 and set MouseHoverTime to some large value – I think it’s in milliseconds and defaults to 400 (less than half a second) – I set mine to 40000 and doing these three things fixed the issue and still allowed me to leave “tap” to click feature on.

Of course this just may be a “feature” – a hideous feature at best in my humble opinion – of my Dell XPS 9343 and hopefully you don’t have this problem.


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