Downloaded this file: IRSTe_Driver_Intel_A05_WIN_G2V74_f6flpy-SETUP_ZPE.exe and extracted to a folder on a usb thumb drive

On a T5810 – with the bios as follows:

In Legacy mode – only way to get CTL-I to boot into the controller – eufi would not show CTL-I

Control-I gets you into the Intel RAID Controller that is on many Intel and Intel OEM (like Dell) motherboards.

Made sure RAID is on (not AHCI) in the SATA BIOS section – so yes we are doing RAID 0 on SATA drives

Used F12 to boot into the boot menu and booted off the OS USB (see next line item)

built a bootable ISO Win 7 Pro 64 thumb drive with rufus (could have used a DVD to install from but, they are slow)

then used thumb drive to install Win 7 Pro 64 –

when prompted during Windows Installation or even without a prompt to see raid volumes you must select “have disk with driver” when you get to the initial
Windows volume manager in the Windows 7 installer works the same with win 8.1

raid 0 volume (2x256GB 850 Pro) was already there from earlier but I could have used CTL-I to delete and recreate

The way I got it to work as by checking (in Select have disk with driver) “Hide incompatible drivers” and that way only the right drivers would show up.

I believe I selected but it could also be a

It was certainly an iaStorA and a 64 bit driver – the Dell technician told me to select the S but he was wrong – the S drivers would not show
up as I had checked “show only compatible drivers”

Once I selected a driver that actually showed up with the compatible check box checked – it worked – the driver was loaded and
immediately the RAID 0 volume showed up – which is the entire problem, without doing all this you can’t see the RAID volume.

Hope this helps, Mike

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