Tim has done a similar thing here:


Work in progress… excuse my dust 10/05/2017.

On the primary side:

sqlplus / as sysdba

alter system archive log current;

alter database create standby controlfile as '/oracle/odump/standbyControl.ctl';

Run a full rman backup

rman target /

 allocate channel disk1 device type disk format '/oracle/odump/rbu%U%Y%M%D';
 allocate channel disk2 device type disk format '/oracle/odump/rbu%U%Y%M%D';
 backup incremental level 0 database plus archivelog delete input;
 release channel disk1;
 release channel disk2;

Copy the rman backup and standby controlfile to the host that will contain the standby

cd /oracle/odump
scp -p rbu* oracle@standbyhost:/oracle/odump
scp -p stand* oracle@standbyhost:/oracle/odump
scp -pR /oracle/oarch/rnddg oracle@standbyhost:/oracle/oarch