BTW – before I get started on “colorscheme” something that irks me – vi or vim highlights your last matching search words… to turn off the highlighting either search for something that does not exist or :nohlsearch or easier yet :noh

Now back to colorschemes in vi…

vi junk

:colorscheme desert

# the command colorscheme can be abbreviated to "colo"

# or to see them all in vi
# or the short version...
blue delek evening murphy ron torte
darkblue desert koehler pablo shine zellner
default elflord morning peachpuff slate

# ok - now just find one you like and then...

Specify a colorscheme in your vimrc file

Once you have a vim colorscheme that you like, configure that color scheme as the default colorscheme in your vim configuration file .vimrc.

The vimrc file is located in your home directory, so on Mac, Unix, and Linux systems the vimrc file actually begins with a decimal (it's a hidden file in your home directory), you can edit it like this:

vi ~/.vimrc

To use the “desert” colorscheme just add these lines to your vimrc file:

colo murphy
syntax on

That simple